At Highters Heath Nursery School we use Tapestry to document and share your child's time at nursery. Staff upload pictures and videos of what the children get up to at school and these can be viewed and commented on by parents. Parents can also upload their own pictures to show what their children have been doing at home. This is a brilliant resource to share your child's learning journey and celebrate their achievements.

When your child starts with us you will be emailed a link to activate your Tapestry account- check your junk mail folder if you haven't received it! 

Once you are registered you can see your child's observations whenever you log in. There is also a setting where you can be notified every time a new observation is added. Feel free to comment on your child's observations or add photos of your own, we love it when parents get involved!

Use the button below to log in, or download the Tapestry app for Apple or Android.



Getting Started with Tapestry