How to Register

We can offer 15 hours free Nursery provision from the term before your child’s third birthday. To apply for a place in the Nursery, please come in person, and complete a Registration Form.

We accept applications for children from the aged of 2+. If it is free place you require,  your child’s name will be put on the waiting list, and you will be informed when a place is available.

Please collect an Admissions Pack from our Nursery Office or you can download a copy of the admissions form from the following website:

School Admission

Registration For

In order to secure a place at an actual Primary School parents need to apply online through Birmingham City Council.

We offer tours of our Nursery by appointment only.

Introduction to Parents

‘Parents’ evening’ for new parents are held in June. At these meetings we will advise you of which classroom your child will be in, and give you a general information about the nursery and information about induction. You will also be offered the opportunity to visit the nursery on a number of occasions before their start date .

New Child Drop-Ins

During an specific week in July new children and their parents may drop in and play for a short while to begin with to get to know us.

Home Visits

Your child’s key teacher can come to visit you and your child at home for about 15-20 minutes during the first few weeks of the Autumn Term. Wednesday is our home visiting day, this is to give your child a chance to get to know and talk to their key person and also for you to share your child’s interests in order to help with the settling in process.

During this home visit we will give you and your child an ‘All About Me’ booklet to complete at home together. It’s also a great time for you to share any information or concerns with us.

First Three Days and Beyond

We have a gradual admissions procedure over the first two weeks of term. Children begin nursery in groups of up to 5 children at a time and stay for just an hour on their first day. We ask you to stay with your child for this time, helping them to feel safe and secure. Enabling them to talking to us, and getting to know our routines.

After the first two weeks, on the first  day your child can stay for up to two hours, and you can leave the room if they are settled.

On the second day you can leave your child with us for the full session if they are settled.

Some children need a longer settling in period and we are flexible in our approach. We have a great deal of experience in settling children and work together with you to achieve a smooth start.

Some children starting will have been to playgroup before, others may not of, but for all of them Highters Heath Nursery will be a new experience. New situations can be challenging and fun, but exhausting. You may even find they don’t want to talk with you about all the lovely things they’ve done. This is entirely normal, so try not to ask them too many questions. Staff are always willing to talk with you about how your child is managing, so do have a quick word with them at the beginning or end of the session. If you feel you need more time, you can ask for a separate appointment.

Children may start to stay for extended times from when they are settled in their Nursery class. Before then we familiarise them with any new rooms, staff, and all known adults help them to settle.

Your Child's Entitlement

All children are entitled to 15 hours of free Nursery education from the beginning of the term following their third birthday. In Birmingham there is also some funding for full time places of 25 hours, subject to certain conditions. Parents can find out about this criteria when they register. Birmingham City Council also funds some two year olds to have 15 hours per week free. Please ask for further information about this.

This Nursery provides a range of different places for children including:

  • Free part time places in the Nursery School for children from the beginning of the term following their third birthday. These places are for two and a half days a week (15 hours).
  • Free full time places (25 hours) for three year old children who qualify using the local authority criteria. These places are spread over five days each week.

Nursery Charges from September 2019

Nursery Meals £2 per day (except for children entitled to a free school meal).

School Fund £1.00 per week for full time children.

School Top up fees £6.00 per hour